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Papa's Pepper Spicy Seafood Salad

I love it hot, and cold!  Yes, you can have it both ways!  I love a cold salad that really packs a punch of spicy, flavorful heat.  That wonderful hot and cold sensation adds the wonderful textures and flavors in this spicy seafood salad.  Give it a try and I'm certain you will love it hot and cold as well!

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Papa's Pepper Phire Cracker Hummus

Well, it's that time of year when everyone hits the gym hard and eats healthy to get ready for the summer fun!  It's also the time leading up to the Super Bowl, a day when more appetizers are consumed than probably any other day during the year.  Want a healthy appetizer to serve during your Super Bowl party?  Look no farther, here it is!  It's creamy, savory and spicy deliciousness in every bite!

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