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Papa's Pepper Crispy, Buttery Waffles with Hot Honey Sauce

I'll admit it, I'm kinda a waffle snob, in that I like them done just right.  Waffles for me need to have a crispy exterior and a soft pillowy interior and that's exactly what I have created here.  The addition of a little cornstarch really enhances that crispy exterior on these waffles.  The hot honey sauce was inspired by a brilliant chef that I follow on social media and is literally good on anything from waffles to fried chicken!  I have learned and gained inspiration from some really great chefs along the way and this sauce is a result of that!  I hope you enjoy and look for, and gain, some inspiration along your culinary journey as well!

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Papa's Pepper Chicken Pizzaolia

I always say that good food doesn't have to be complicated and this Chicken Pizzaolia is a prime example of that. I get frustrated when I find a recipe I really like and one of the ingredients is "Ground bark of an XYZ tree found only in the northern most mountains of Europe", that's not this dish.  This dish comes together quickly and only uses ingredients that you probably already have on hand.   The best part of this dish is how the sauce reduces down into a sweet, tangy and spicy tomato sauce.  Give it whirl and I'm certain you will add this to your culinary arsenal!

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Papa's Pepper Spicy Fried Egg Yolks

Have you ever created something and wondered why you didn't think of it earlier?  This is that dish for me!  It's incredibly simple but oh soooooooo delicious!  It has everything you are looking for in a wonderful bite of food!  It's crispy, savory, spicy, creamy, salty deliciousness!  Give it a try and I'm certain you will agree!

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Papa's Pepper Potato Soup

Is there anything better than a hearty comfort food dish when the weather turns cold in the fall? I don't think so and that's exactly what this potato soup is!  This creamy, silky, chunky, spicy and hearty soup is sure to be a dish that the whole family loves!  Growing up in the mountains of Virginia it was not uncommon for us to reheat a hearty potato soup before heading out to cut wood or enjoy a day hunting game on the mountains.  It kept us warm and energized for the day ahead.  Yup, this soup brings back memories and I hope that it can do the same for you and your loved ones!

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Papa's Pepper Gluten-free Pumpkin Pancakes

Fall has definitely arrived here in Virginia so that means it's pumpkin time!  My daughter Tori, the Princess Sous Chef, can't have gluten so these pancakes are a win for the whole family! What better way to wake up on a brisk fall morning than to these savory, sweet and spicy pumpkin pancakes!  The crispy outsides and the soft moist inside of these pumpkin pancakes will have the family coming back for seconds for certain!

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