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Papa's Pepper Shrimp Sushi Stack

I love good sushi, I really do.  There are virtually endless flavor combinations that explode with flavor in one glorious bite. That being said, rolling sushi is definitely a skill that I definitely do not have!  That's what inspired me to create my Papa's Pepper Shrimp Sushi Stack.  It's got all the flavor and texture without having to roll a thing!

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Papa's Pepper Phire-cracker Blackened Shrimp

I grew up in Maryland and one thing every Marylander knows is that Old Bay can be used on anything, and it can, especially seafood.  There is however more to the seafood palate that just Old Bay!  That's what the driving force was behind this flavor explosion of Phire-cracker Blackened Shrimp with lemon Beurre Blanc sauce!  It's smokey and spicy coating on the sweet shrimp along with a tangy and buttery lemon sauce!  It's really a pairing that rocks your tastes buds in an incredible way!

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When I think of indulgent comfort food my brain automatically goes to Shrimp Alfredo.  I mean, it really has everything you could ask for.  It has the sweet, savory, meaty shrimp.  The luxurious, silky, rich Alfredo sauce over perfectly al-dente fettuccine.  If you are lucky, it also brings the heat and a little acid.  After all, you need something to cut through all that rich savory flavor to create the perfect bite!  Well, you're in luck because here is the recipe!

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