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Papa's Pepper Spicy Hoagie Dip

It's test time, but it's so worth it! This is an easy, no cook recipe, but it will definitely test your knife skills!  We love a good Italian hoagie, who doesn't right?  We also love some spice on a good Italian hoagie!  I wanted a way that we could have that great hoagie taste for everyone when we had friends and family over that was sure to please and this recipe delivers!  This recipe is also perfect for a game day crowd pleaser, which it certainly is!  You'll be shocked at how many people come back for seconds and thirds!

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Y'all, I was barbeque deprived growing up.  I only knew of two kinds of BBQ, the sweet Kansas City style and the tangy Carolina style.  Imagine my surprise when I found out about all the other styles of BBQ!  I love them all, I really do, but Alabama white BBQ is at the top of my list.  Who would have thought that a mayonnaise based BBQ sauce would work?  Trust me, it does!  It's also great to dip fries, chips, tater tots and just about anything else you can think of!  Well, to prevent anyone else from being BBQ deprived here is my Alabama white BBQ sauce recipe just in time to make sliders for the Superbowl!

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Stop searching y'all, this is a recipe you need in your culinary arsenal! It's my Papa's Pepper Phire (fire) Asian style wing sauce. It's everything you want in a wing sauce! It's a sticky, sweet, tangy, savory, spicy bite of deliciousness. It has the honey, ginger and garlic that you want in a great wing sauce with a little kick! I created it for wings but it would be perfect for meatballs as well! 

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