So at this point you're probably asking... WHO is Papa & WHAT is the story behind Papa's Pepper?  Watch this FOX 10 Phoenix News video to learn more!! 

Having a passion for spicy food and flavorful taste, Lenny Abbott found that it was difficult to find the right combination of the two. Most choices seemed to overwhelm the flavor of his food. This frustration led him to create his own blend of spices that would meet these goals. After selecting a wide array of peppers, carefully drying and blending them with care, he felt that his unique blend was just perfect. As he shared his pepper blend with friends and family, they agreed this was ideal for any dish. 

Lenny's family referred to these as Papa’s Pepper, and it just stuck.

Sharing his pepper blend with family, friends and a lot of strangers while traveling with such great reviews it only seemed right to share them with everyone! 

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Abbott family when they found out that Lenny has an inoperable brain tumor. Devastated by this news, Papa's Pepper took the backseat. 

Sean Mannello, Lenny's close friend, one day asked Lenny if he could write down the delicious recipe for Papa's Pepper so he could recreate the magic and share with anyone who was interested. It was at this moment that Lenny realized he could have Sean continue on his legacy of Papa's Pepper. Sean gladly took over the business and promised to keep Lenny and his wife informally involved with Papa's Pepper.

Lenny passed away in June of 2023 after a Herculean 29-month battle with brain cancer.

In honoring Lenny's memory, Sean has always promised a portion of the profits to Lenny's wife Shari for the lifetime of the company (which will hopefully be forever!). Sean has also promised that per Lenny's wishes he will make an annual donation to the MD Anderson Cancer Center for Cancer Research in Lenny's memory. 

So help us keep Lenny's memory living on and Sean's journey growing by sharing Papa's Pepper with your family and friends!

(Pictured Below: Papa Lenny & his wife Shari)