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Papa's Pepper Spicy Fried Egg Yolks

Have you ever created something and wondered why you didn't think of it earlier?  This is that dish for me!  It's incredibly simple but oh soooooooo delicious!  It has everything you are looking for in a wonderful bite of food!  It's crispy, savory, spicy, creamy, salty deliciousness!  Give it a try and I'm certain you will agree!

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Papa's Pepper Spicy Scrambled Egg and Mushroom Breakfast

The number one question I get asked, without fail, is "How do you get your scrambled eggs so light and fluffy?". Well, I'm here to share the very simple secret to perfect scrambled eggs with you!  Once you get them perfected the possibilities are endless!  They are great on avocado toast, by themselves, on a cracker and especially with tomatoes and mushrooms as seen here.

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Papa's Pepper Loco Moco

Of the many blessings in my life my beautiful daughter is one of the greatest.  She is 21 now (how did that freaking happen??), has Down Syndrome and is a self proclaimed foodie!  There is nothing she loves more than finding an interesting recipe and having me make it for her.  Truth be told, I think I love that she finds stuff for me to create for her even more than she does!  That's how I was introduced to Loco Moco, by my princess daughter, Tori, and I'm glad she did!  It's such a savory, hearty delicious comfort food that has become a quick favorite in our house.  Try it one time and I think you will agree!

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Papa's Pepper Chilaquiles Rojos

Flavor and texture, it's all about flavor and texture and my take on this dish has an abundance of both!  From the tortillas and crispy chorizo topping to the creamy smooth cheese sauce, the crumbles of queso, and the flavor punch of the red sauce, it's all packed in there!  For a vegetarian option just leave out the Chorizo and it's still a delicious meal!

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Papa's Pepper Egg Roll in a Bowl

Okay okay, it's on a plate in the picture for your viewing pleasure, but it really works in a bowl as well!  I love egg rolls, I really do.  Every time we order Chinese food I always get an extra egg roll, that's how much I love them.  I don't always like all the carbs though, so that's when I started making egg roll in a bowl.  It really has all the great flavors of a delicious hot egg roll, just a little healthier!  Add the wonderful spicy, sweet and tangy sauce and it's a bite that's sure to please!

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