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Papa's Pepper Spicy Scrambled Egg and Mushroom Breakfast

The number one question I get asked, without fail, is "How do you get your scrambled eggs so light and fluffy?". Well, I'm here to share the very simple secret to perfect scrambled eggs with you!  Once you get them perfected the possibilities are endless!  They are great on avocado toast, by themselves, on a cracker and especially with tomatoes and mushrooms as seen here.

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Papa's Pepper Spicy Stuffed Shrooms

It's a fact, I'm a mushroom junkie, in the best possible way.  They are so delicious, a perfect meat substitute and so versatile!  Combined that with my love for stuffing things and that's how I ended up creating the spicy stuffed shrooms.  They are so savory, creamy, cheesey, hearty and spicy, it's everything you wanted but didn't know you needed!  They are great as an appetizer, side, or even just a delicious snack!

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