Papa's Pepper Spicy Avocado Toast

Papa's Pepper Spicy Avocado Toast

 (Courtesy of Spencer from @spencerthecook from Instagram ... )

Great food doesn't have to be complicated to be delicious.  In fact, simple is often better as long as it hits the right flavor notes and textures.  That's the premise behind my Papa's Pepper avocado toast.  It's simple and hits all the right flavor notes.  It's a perfect brunch dish for friends and family alike and a great way to start your day!  Give it a try and I'm certain you will agree!

2 slices sourdough bread, toasted golden brown (for the crunch!)
2 ripe avocados
2T Fresh lemon juice
2t Sugar
1/4C Capers
3T Fresh parsley
Salt/pepper to taste
4 Eggs, prepared sunny side up
1 Roma tomato, thinly sliced
2t Papa's Pepper premium spice blend
Feta cheese, chives or scallions for garnish

1. Slice the avocado lengthwise 360°, then twist each half to separate, remove seed and discard.  Place one avocado half skin side down on a cutting board.  Using a sharp knife cut the flesh of the avocado lengthwise in 1/4" slices, not cutting through the skin.  The turn the avocado 90° and slice the flesh of the avocado every 1/4" across the avocado, not cutting through the skin.  You can now use a spoon to scoop out the little avocado squares you created or just simply squeeze the two sides of the avocado skin together to squeeze the avocado squares into a bowl.  Repeat for the other three halves.

2. Once all the avocado is in a mixing bowl add the lemon juice, sugar and Papa's Pepper premium spice blend.  Using a fork, mash the avocado to your desired consistency, I like mine creamy with just a few little chunks!

3. Add parsley, capers, salt and pepper and stir to incorporate.  You don't want to "mash" the avocado here because you want to leave those wonderful little capers intact for a nice pop of briny flavor!

4. Spread a healthy layer of the avocado on the toast.  Top with Feta cheese, Roma tomato slices, two eggs and chives or scallions.

5. Enjoy!

Cooks note:

You can substitute the lemon juice for lime or a vinegar if you like.  Be certain to use something acidic though as it helps the avocado keep the beautiful vibrant green color.