Papa's Pepper is Uniquely Hot & Uncommonly Delicious!

Having a passion for hot spices and flavorful taste, I found that it was difficult to find the right combination. Most choices seemed to overwhelm the flavor of my food. UGGHHHHHH! 
This frustration led me to create a blend of spices that would meet these goals. After selecting a wide array of peppers, carefully drying and blending them with care, I felt that my unique blend was just perfect.
As I shared my pepper blend with friends and family, they agreed this was ideal for any dish.
For those who wanted to perk up the taste, they added a small amount and really enjoy the full-bodied flavor. For those die-hard pepper aficionado's  like me, adding a generous portion to the meal, complimented it’s flavor and produced the right blend of heat and almost addictive taste!
My family referred to these as Papa’s Pepper, and it just stuck.
Sharing my pepper blend with family, friends and a lot of strangers while traveling with such great reviews it only seemed right to share them with you! 
I'm Papa, and I hope you enjoy the experience with your friends and family as much as I did!