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Papa's Pepper Ragin' Rib Rub

Well, here it is, Papa's Pepper Ragin' Rib Rub!  Don't let the name fool ya, it's not just for ribs, it's good on anything!  You might want to make a batch of this rub and keep it handy in a shaker to put on burgers, chicken and even fries!  It's a sweeter Kansas City style rub that is really packed with layers of flavor and some kick from Papa's Pepper premium spice blend!

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Y'all, when I think barbecue, I immediately think Kansas City style barbecue.  To me, it's the best there is.  I love the thick, sweet, smoky, spicy tang that it offers!  Well, I got to work making my own and after several attempts, tweeks and twists, I came up with what I think is the best Kansas City style barbecue sauce there is and I've decided to share it with you!  I can be used on pork, beef, chicken (as seen here) it it will even be good on a flip-flop!  You can thank me later.....

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